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"Seek joy. Seek joy until you know that you cause joy. Cause joy until you know you are joy."~ Cindy Teevens
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Kathryn Samuelson
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My work is centered on helping my clients find guidance and answers to their questions and concerns as well helping them make the changes that they want to make.

Formerly a practicing attorney, I felt called to move to Massachusetts from Illinois, where I am following a path of spiritual seeking and work, including work as an intuitive counselor and a certified life coach.  As an intuitive counselor, I give readings using automatic writing, a practice I have engaged in since 1993.

I was certified by the University of New Hampshire as a life coach in 2007, and I have been offering my services in this field since then.  I am open to all clients to whom I can be of service; however, I am especially interested in helping those undergoing a transition in their lives - whether it is a move, a job or career change, or a loss of someone they love.

I also offer the service of teaching my clients basic meditation skills, and, where needed, will use guided meditations to help my clients.

I bring empathy and insight to my practice, using the particular techniques that most benefit my clients.  I also bring the analytic skills that I honed while a practicing attorney.  The combination of my skills and training allow me to ask the questions that need to be asked and to provide support and guidance to my clients.


Intuitive Readings
I use pen and paper to work with our collective angels and guides to receive answers to questions as well as guidance from the spiritual plane. This process is known as automatic writing or inspirational writing. Our angels and guides love answering questions and giving guidance to those who ask. During the course of a session, I will work with you to find out the answers to questions that you might have about your path in life. I can also work with you to find out who your angels, spirit guides and animal guides are as well as what role they play in your life.

Individual Life Coaching
Are you looking to reinvent or transform yourself? Are you looking to find a new way to be, to participate in the paradigm shift that it occurring at this time? Do the questions Who am I, Where am I and What am I resonate with you? As a life coach, I will help you explore the possible paths that exist for you. This process will include my helping you to ask the questions you need to ask yourself as well as find a plan to take you on your journey. I will aid you in determining the steps to implement your plan.

Opening the Heart: Contemplations on How to Be
Opening the Heart: Contemplations on How to Be is a 2 hour workshop for 4 - 12 people based on a set of meditation cards created by my friend, Linda Lewis and myself. This is a workshop for those on the journey of our times, for those who are participating in the paradigm shift that is happening now. This set of two-sided cards is based on some of the dualities of life - the contemplation of which can help us figure out how we want to be in relation to ourselves, others,  the world, and the divine.

This is the beginning of the journey of finding how you want to be in relation to yourself, others, the world and the divine. Bring yourself, a pen and some a paper for this workshop of meditation, journaling and conversation. It is conducted in a safe and loving atmosphere.

Please see the Schedule and Events page for details about specific upcoming workshops. Or, if you can gather 4 -12 people, please contact me about scheduling a workshop.

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