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W. Bruce Conway is an award-winning book designer and publisher for LightWorkers

W. Bruce Conway is a Lightworker, designer and book publisher from Friday Harbor, WA. His life's mission is to assist other lightworkers on their spiritual paths by helping them to get their messages out to the world via print media, web and book publishing. Bruce is an award-winning web, book and cover designer. 

Bruce was highly intuitive as a child, and became more so in his teens and early twenties. This compelled him to seek out help dealing with malevolent spirits, poltergeists and other things that go bump in the night. This help came in the form of an Edgar Cayce group where he learned the basics of meditation and psychic self-defense, the order of Melchezedek, and over 12 years in the daily presence of high Tibetan Lamas, Western metaphical teachers, and several ascendant spiritual masters.

Bruce continues to publish one book after another, thrilled to work with other conscious lightworkers. To learn more about Bruce's publishing work, visit

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